Saturday, September 25, 2010

Foundation - I

The basic format, that I'm sure I'll break often is to throw in a few musings for the day and later, if I'm feeling like it, post a little bit about my thoughts and the sources thereof.

It's interesting how acceptable the sort of offensive irony you see on certain image boards of ill repute are becoming more and more acceptable. Case in point, this story from HuffPo:

There's been an ongoing debate from Charlie Chaplin all the way up to the "Hitler Meme" (which most of us know better as the "Downfall Meme", but, eh, the media goes for simplicity) about whether or not it's okay to treat Hitler and, subsequently, the Holocaust with humor. Comparatively, it seems like with the more rapid spread of information, being funny with Al Qaeda seems much more acceptable.

My feelings on Facebook are mixed. My account is "deleted" but can always be reactivated with a simple entry of my password. I read this article from the LA Times this morning about the upcoming Sorkin/Fincher joint about Mark Zuckerberg: 

I wonder how much this will indirectly benefit Facebook. Do you think they've hit a peak and can only go down from here? I love Dave Fincher, I'm the only person I know who'll defend Alien3, so I feel like I can't avoid this movie. Maybe it'll make more people wake up and smell the coffee about identity overexposure in our modern age. There are plenty of great articles leading up to it about how, "We're the most responsible for identity overexposure and Facebook addiction.", like this is really news.


  1. I saw this trailer and I thought it was lame

  2. I'm sure it will be a completely honest representation of the events with no embellishment or exaggerations.

  3. Yeah it's funny, I saw the first ads back in August and looked like it was going to be a very subdued honest take on it. Now with the media blitz I'm not so sure. I'll just have to see it and decide for myself. Argh, too many movies to see lately, I still haven't even seen Machete...

  4. I've never had a facebook account. I don't wanna get addicted.

  5. I think I will do a review of this movie :D