Friday, September 24, 2010

Greetings Interwebs!

A simple word, interwebs. It seems like not that long ago, in black '04, that I first accepted the fact that internet culture was important, had some place as not just an inside joke for my generation, but as a creative force that would affect the entire world. It's also when I eschewed my blogs, Facebook, forums resplendent with dozens of banners and a several meg animated dancing cat girl avatar. Six years later I would hear Jon Stewart address this word to King Abdullah II of Jordan, and think to myself, What happened?

The purpose of this blog, my first since that year in which I finished high school, is to try and chronicle both the soaring development and gradual crumbling of our civilization. This will not be an easy task, I will inevitably be sidetracked by cats or garlic or something, but, I shall try.

This blog is a place for people of all interests, religions, schools of thought, and varying degrees of hipsterism, nerdiness, or weaboocity. Everything can be connected to something else, this I firmly believe and will endeavor to show.

For now though, I hope at the end of it all I can have the same attitude as our greatest worst American, Gore Vidal.
-My friends, let us regret nothing.


  1. Look forward to hearing much more from you :D

  2. Hahah this will be an important account for the ages, herodotus

  3. If nothing else, I'm sure the attempt will be amusing.

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks guys, good to see I'm starting off with some readers :D .