Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pinchy: Scourge of the Fauborg Saint-Germain - II

 Argh! I've been an absentee with crap going on and such, I'm doing a bad job of maintaining this blog the way I thought I would be able to :\.

So a few things. 3DS lineup woooooo~

Kudos to Capcom for 3rd party support. We'll see how long it lasts. Oh who am I kidding, it will still print money. I hope the wireless support is good, I'll want to get my Mercenaries on with friends.

Has anyone been watching the TV lately? There's a Bank of America ad on that I swear uses some light version of Fat Old Sun in the Sky. God damn it BoA, first you take Fleet Bank away, then Jack Bauer, and now Syd Barrett (and somehow managed to to crash the economy into the ground along the way. Read The Big Short for details). Roger Waters is playing in Boston tomorrow night, sort of want but I've got no one to go with and no place to stay and I sure as shit am not going to try and find parking. Maybe if the T ran at sensible hours on weekdays we wouldn't have this problem :( . Also I'm poor [/bitching].

Touhoufriend aside, skip if you so desire. I tried Shoot the Bullet a long time ago, but seriously tried to get into it last year. I fucking sucked at it (KEEEEEIIINNNNEEE!!!!) and gave up halfway through very disappointed in myself. I started playing Double Spoiler after avoiding it all this time this afternoon a little wary but liking it a lot more. On the final scenario of Level 4 atm.

For those of you who did not understand the above paragraph, imagine Pokemon Snap, now imagine instead of pokemon there are level 20 wizard lolis trying to kill you. Fuck yeah.

Oh yeah and how could I forget until now, fucking Berserk animu, fuck year!

Oh man I hope the duel in the snow means they're going to start there and fix that whole arc with Wyld and the assassins and just keep going until Idolm@ster Boat. Maybe by then Miura will have done something with it.

More serious stuff tomorrow, I'll try. Now if you'll excuse me, having a cup of coffee and getting ready for SVU premiere/new L&O premiere. excited_link.jpg.